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Here I Stand. . .

“Here I stand, I can do no other” – the words of the 16th century reformer, Martin Luther. I don’t claim that my words and musings will be as important, or as interesting as his, but I do stand in the same place – I’m standing firm in Christ…and I can do no other. These are my thoughts and musings on the whole of life. Life’s funny, annoying, crushing, encouraging, frightening, comforting, expected and surprising moments; and, in the midst of all that, what it means to know and worship God.

...Lamenting, hopefully!

…Lamenting, hopefully!

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This week I’ve received the some of the most encouraging sermon feedback I’ve ever had! People have sent messages directly to me, or via mutual friends, to express their thanks and to explain how God has been speaking to them through His word. I feel deeply grateful. Firstly, that I get to preach God’s word to His people; and secondly, that His people have taken time to encourage me. These are both precious to me! In response to what’s happening around the world I’d been led to consider the biblical practice of......

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