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...The 3C Hubb App 

Along with our beautiful new website, Hubb.Church also provides an app that you can install on your smartphone or tablet. In this blog post I hope to explain why getting the app is a good idea and how you can go about installing it on your device.

What is the App?

I love the feeling of getting the most out of everything. It's the reason I love making stock after a roast chicken dinner. It really feels like I've extracted every little bit of goodness out of the chicken I'd bought.
Our Church app is like my stock, it's part of the whole system provided by Hubb. It takes the content on the website and serves up a super concentrated bowl of the best bits - all the flavour, none of the fluff!

What does it actually do?

The whole Hubb system is brilliant and will streamline and centralise much of our administration and communication as a church. The app is like the cherry on top - here's a list of some of the features and what it offers:

  • Designed specifically for mobile devices.
  • Loads user related content once you're logged in.
  • Checking the church calendar and latest events.
  • Can provide rota reminders for you and the family.
  • Allows access to an electronic address book.
  • Watch church media - including sermons.

These are just the headlines - it can be used for more and is well worth exploring!

What do I need?

You can access the app on pretty much any internet enabled device, even your home computer, smart TV or games console; but you will need a mobile device - a phone or tablet - that uses either Android or Apple iOS software if you want to install the app. Internet access is required on your device to download the app and to continue to access all the content. To enjoy the full benefits of the app you'll also need a username and password. Church members will have had an email inviting them to login to the website - those are the login credentials you'll need.
If you don't think you have a username or password then please contact us so we can look into setting you up on the system.

How do I get it?

So, you're almost convinced and ready to download the App on your phone and tablet devices to give it a whirl, engage with the church and keep up to date with what’s going on. To install the app, all you have to do is go to, click on the green install button, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Hubb have provided quick video guides on how to install the App, and you can click on the links below to watch them.

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Android Instructions

iOS Instructions


Hello and welcome to our website.
If you are a new visitor, we have a page for you to get to know us and learn more about planning a visit.
Click here to see more.

Planning your Visit

New to Church?...

A brief introduction to 3C Community Church.

Welcome Card Front

Sunday Worship...

This is an overview of a typical Sunday morning service so that you'll know, beforehand, what to expect when you visit.

Where and When

We meet in the Chapel (details here) for our Sunday Service starting at 10:30am. For your first visit, we recommend arriving 10-15 minutes early to ensure you get a parking space and find somewhere to sit before the service begins. When you arrive, you'll be greeted by someone on our Welcome Team.


There is wheelchair access via a paved ramp, and T-loop packs for anyone who needs them. Please let one of the Welcome Team know on your arrival and they will help you to get set up. There is an accessible toilet in the community hall.

Our Service

The service begins at 10:30am with a warm welcome from one of our members. This is usually followed by a time of sung worship, led by our band. We typically have 3 or 4 songs lasting approximately 20 minutes. Sometimes a person might pray out loud or read a small passage from the bible. Sometimes people share things that they believe God is saying to the whole church family. This might seem strange the first time you hear it but it’s all part of our connecting with God. We then share news and notices, usually about what’s going on in the life of the church. One of our leaders will then give a sermon that is bible based and that we can apply to our everyday life. We then finish with a final worship song. Sometimes there is an opportunity to receive prayer at the end of the service.

What about my kids?

We have a great programme lined up for kids of all ages:

  • Créche (0 months to 4 years). Parents/carers of younger children are welcome to use our créche facilities but they must remain with their child at all times.
  • Trailblazers (4-11 years)
  • Young people (11+ years) Stay in the service

It's best to register your children for their groups before the service begins - just speak to a member of our welcome team. Children stay with their parent or grown-up at the start of the service for the welcome, songs and notices. We really value worshipping God all together as a family. At the appropriate time someone will announce that our younger members will now go to their various groups. Whilst you are dropping your kids off at their groups, we may pause to take time to chat to someone sitting near or next to us, giving folk a chance to come back before the sermon begins.

The kids group activities vary depending on the age but usually there is a friendly welcome, bible stories, testimonies, praying, music, craft, drama, fun games and free play. Your children will be brought back to the chapel at the end of their session.


Getting Connected...

Small Groups

While Sundays are a great way to meet new people, it is often in smaller gatherings that you can really get to know someone. Being part of one of our small groups allows you to make new friends, share together and support each other. We have a variety of groups that meet throughout the week, some mornings and some evenings. Check out Small Groups and see if there’s one that you could join. We can put you in touch with a small group leader who will be more than happy to invite you along to their group.

Serving and Volunteering

If you want to get involved in the life of the church and help us make sure things run smoothly, you'll need to talk to one of the leaders about joining a team. 

Other Ministries

We also run the following ministries:

  • Men's Ministries
  • Women's Ministries
  • Nursing Home Services
  • Children's clubs
  • Crafting club
  • Warm Space
  • Foodbank

A Note from Phil, our Pastor...

Phil, Becks, Alice & Martha

Becks, Alice and I joined 3C in 2018. Since then Martha has been born, there's been a global pandemic and we've finally moved into the neighbourhood. I work full time for the church whilst Becks works as a music teacher at a secondary school in Gloucester during the week. We know that God led us to 3C and this ministry. He's been shaping us as individuals, a couple and a family to serve Him here in Cam.

Becks uses her musical gifts to serve God and the congregation as part of the music ministry team. She is also heading up the Sunday morning kids ministry - 'Trailblazers'. I lead the church eldership team along with some of our ministry teams. Though I've recently enjoyed a major church building maintenance project, my deepest joy is found in sharing the Word of Life with God's people.

We hope that whoever you are, you will feel at home at our church.

Every Blessing,


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