Remembering… Together (11-11-2018)

Remembrance Sunday

– Are Israel going to return to ‘Eden’? People, Place & Presence
– Just over a month – 40 Days & Nights
– Short term memory issues – c.f. Exo 19 & 20 – ‘All these things we will do!’
– Why have they even got all this golden jewellery?…Plunder & Tabernacle
– The cloud it right there at the top of mount Sinai…!
Exo 32:4-5 – ”
– Who rescued them? Yahweh did!
C.f. Acts 7:39 – Stephen, before he is stoned to death, says that in their sin the nation of
Israel turned back to Egypt!

– Apis – One of the gods of Ancient Egypt – worshipped in the land of their captivity
– They haven’t turned away from Yahweh – they’ve sought to accommodate Him in a bull!
– They’ve fallen at the first hurdle – commandments 1 & 2!
Exo 32:10 – ‘…make a great nation of you’
– Be honest…how tempted would you be?
– We catch a glimpse of God’s ’emotions’…c.f. Hosea & a jealous God!
– God is holy – we are not – that’s a problem!
– Moses is a type, picture or pattern of an even greater mediator – Jesus!

1. Memories…
C.f. 1 Cor 10:7 – Paul uses this story to show the Corinthians that being part of God’s
people just isn’t enough!

– We should be people with a shared story and a story to share!
– Community Groups & Testimonies – Holy Spirit ‘Show-‘n’-Tell
– Get plugged in & glorify God!
2. Identity…
As we seek to live as God’s people it may be tempting to try and adjust our thinking to
accommodate some of the ‘worldly’ thinking about God!

accommodate some of the ‘worldly’ thinking about God!

– He is a jealous God – because covenant unfaithfulness isn’t a small thing!
Don’t make excuses – you sound like Aaron – vs. 24!
Apprentice Candidates ‘All the inconsistencies are consistently inconsistent!

C.f. 1 Cor 6:19-20 Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit
within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a
price. So glorify God in your body.

People, Place & Presence – God, the Holy Spirit, dwells in each of us

3. Mediate…
– A wise man once told me –
“If you read a Bible story and think you’re the hero – you best read it again!”
– You and I are not like Moses in this story!
– We were, and can often be, like the Israelites – and we know it!
– We need someone who can mediate for us…
Jesus doesn’t ‘go up’ to meet with God for us – He is God ‘come down’ to meet with you!


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