Welcome Back!

Over the last months we’ve all missed the encouragement, comfort and joy of meeting together physically because of the Covid19 restrictions.

It has taken a lot of effort by a lot of people, especially our elders and Pastor, to keep contact and services still functioning – particular thanks going to the team led by Tim Fletcher for the technicalities of setting up up the internet ‘on-line’ Sunday services.

Now the Government has declared most of the restrictions lifted and we can return to church services and meetings as before.

Look at the various pages of the website and you will see Calendar, Small Groups, Prayer meetings and activities all recommencing in various forms. Church life is recommencing and let us hope and pray it will be in a more vibrant and glorious form than before.

Congregational contributions, testimonies, prophecies and prayers are an important part of our worship. So it is hoped that these will continue into our new ‘released’ worship at church.